Older adults are the fastest growing segment of the North Fulton population. From 2010 through 2018, our senior population is projected to grow 46%. That’s more than three times as fast as the overall population, and there will be nearly 70,000 older adults by 2018. Many of these older residents are living on fixed incomes, have limited mobility, and lack family support. Senior Services is here to help.

Hunger: Georgia ranks 9th nationally for senior hunger, and the North Fulton is not immune to this challenge. We are fighting senior hunger by delivering Meals on Wheels to each weekday to older adults in need. More than 2,000 Meals on Wheels are delivered monthly to older adults in our community, yet our waiting list continues to grow. Learn more

Transportation: There are limited transportation options for older adults living in north Fulton. Unlike other parts of the county, the vast majority of seniors have limited access to MARTA and MARTA Mobility. There are few bus and rail routes, and it is difficult for seniors to safely access public transportation. Taxis are expensive and do not provide escorted services, which many require. Many seniors do not have family members nearby who can drive them to required appointments. A lack of affordable, flexible and appropriate transportation options significantly impacts an individual’s ability to live independently in their community. We offer two transportation programs for seniors in our community. Learn more

Isolation: Health studies indicate that older, isolated people have much higher rates of mortality from cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Our senior centers combat social isolation by offering caring communities with interesting programs, exercise classes, communal dining, health education and trips. Learn more